Garrett (garote) wrote,

Day 8

"La's in Florida", Day 8:
  • Had a dream that a helicopter crashed in the driveway of my old house. My aunts and uncles were visiting the family, and they helped corral us kids on the first floor, hunkered down and waiting for the burning helicopter to explode. I woke up before it could.
  • Fell back asleep, and had another dream that my middle-school was on a field trip to a government-run airport near the ocean. We were all playing in a large room when we heard a terrific explosion. I ran to the window and saw a huge rolling wave bearing down on the coastline. As I ducked against the wall, the wave blasted the side of the building. Then an indaving army arrived and took all us children as prisoners.

    The invaders knew that the airport was actually a secret nuclear research lab. I evaded my captors long enough to realize I was actually a 30-year-old adult, then I began walking around casually. Some of the less scrupolous guards were torturing their captives - for example, hitting their sneaker-clad feet with sledgehammers - but before I could do anything, I woke up again.

  • Went to CostCo to pick up some bulk snacks. Mmmmm, bagels and hummus!
  • Mailed a package at the post office for The La. While I was in line, the girl behind me saw the fishies La had drawn on the box, then grinned and took a pen out of her pocket and drew her own picture on the box she was mailing (a line-art of a girl with a "speech balloon" containing a heart).
  • More struggling with KF on the laptop, for work. I've installed my own copy of the server in Virtual PC, so that I can work on it without the internet. I haven't had the "pleasure" of using such a bug-ridden beta program in years, and the interface - with its complete and utter lack of help or tutorials and cluttered web-based layout - is seriously cooking my bacon. BACON, DONNIE! MMM BACON
  • More music organizing at home,
  • then a couple rounds of WC3. My current policy is "play until I win a round, then quit". In FFA at my current skill level, that means an average of three games.

    Unfortunately, some of these games can drag on for a looong time. Remember that round I was boasting about before, where three human players teamed up against me? It happened again today. The game lasted almost three hours, and consisted of me running all over the map trying to crush the remaining human and orc, while they chatted about where my bases were and how they could disrupt me. The human pulled a tank-job and destroyed my entire home base, but by that time my army was too damn powerful for them to stop.

    If I was the whiner type, I would email this game and the last to blizzard, and get at least four of the six players suspended from for "teaming in FFA", which is supposedly against the rules ... but frankly, I don't blame them.

  • While winding down for bed, snacking from a fruit tray, I got inspired doing an impromptu rewrite of an essay, and stayed up 'till 4:00am. So much for an early start on Friday...
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