Garrett (garote) wrote,

Day 4

Day 4 of La In Florida:
  • Slept in laaate, with the cat in my hair!
  • Bought four more stepping stones and laid them in the back yard, to provide easier hot-tub access.
  • Made a hook for the litter-scooper and hung it.
  • Scrubbed the other half of the bathroom, walls to floor.
  • Installed a metal towel rack that had been languishing on the bathroom floor for probably a year.
  • Installed a coat-hook behind the bedroom door.
  • Bought and installed a switch for the string-lights in the living room.
  • Did a small load of bleached laundry.
  • Made two bags of potstickers, mmm! The cat climbed up my pants and sweater and perched on my shoulder while I cooked them. Arrr, matey! This be Mira, the pirate kitten!
  • Ordered some music online, and sorted through some of my music backlog.
  • Won three games of Warcraft 3 in a row, all Free-For-All. A personal best. Then I lost another three in a row. Oh well.
  • Listened to the exciting end of "Murder at the ABA"
  • Set up to play The Colonel's Bequest on the laptop but didn't get very far on account of tiredness. The kitty draped herself around my shoulders and stretched out, poking her paws into my ear, and that triggered a huge burst of yawning on my part.
A relaxing weekend indoors! Too bad I must return to work tomorrow.
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