Garrett (garote) wrote,

Day two without The La (she's in Florida visiting friends):
  • Had a weird dream where all of my college buddies and I were wrestling on the floor of my older sister's room, back in my childhood home. Ken was among them, shouting "Yaaahahaharrgh!" and yanking on some guy's leg, with someone else's arm around his neck in a Half-Nelson.
  • I spent nearly the whole day rearranging the living room, based on a layout I'd planned while still in bed. The project's not complete, but the place is already more useful and orderly.
  • I drove to the bank to do a money transfer, wearing the iPod Nano the whole time. While I was there I altered the specs of my checking account.
  • Listened to three hours of "The Curious Lives Of Human Cadavers", a grisly but fascinating non-fiction work. Plus a few hours' worth of old and new comedy from the BBC: "The Goon Show" and "The Now Show".
  • Lit Shabbos candles over the phone with The La
  • Sat down to play a Free-For-All game of Warcraft 3 - and won! I waited until the three players knocked each other out, then pounced on the remaining one while he was still reeling from the fight. Just before I dropped an entire land army into his base, he boasted "You'll never beat me. Just save time and quit the game." Then the airships spat my troops out, and his comments were almost all profanity from then on. That brought me to 93rd place out of 1000, on Battle.Net.
  • Walked 45 minutes to Blockbuster, in the rain, to return some movies and get some exercise.
  • Went to the Santa Cruz Diner with the iPod and a pad of paper, planning to make hand-written letters to friends - an activity I take silly pleasure in because to me, corresponding with a pen is a novelty. Instead I became engrossed in Isaac Asimov's whimsical, self-referential book "Murder At The ABA" and went through about 120 pages of it before getting back home.
  • I dumped the cat out of the rolly-chair and sat down to write this checklist. In the background I heard her zipping excitedly around the house, causing mayhem. Shortly after I mentioned Isaac Asimov, the cat leapt up on my leg and dropped a "kill" onto my lap, then stood there ready to receive praise for the trophy. It was one of my little jade plants!! That mentally diffused feline had brutally assasinated my jade plant - clawed the whole thing right out of the pot - and now she was doing a victory lap with the corpse! I took it away, moved the pot to a high shelf, and re-planted it. The cat scampered off to create additional terror somewhere else.
Okay, bedtime.
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