Garrett (garote) wrote,

new addition

Last night I went outside for some fresh air before bed, and found this poor thing yowling in the back yard.
Its eyes were so covered in dirt and crust that it could only find me by walking towards my voice.

As near as we can tell, it's about three weeks old. That is dangerously young for a solitary kitten. If I hadn't found it, it probably wouldn't have survived the night.

We made a late run to the store and bought some cat-friendly milk and a large eyedropper.
Since La is allergic, and we didn't have the equipment to give it a bath, we made it a bed by setting up a heating pad under a towel and placing a crate over it.
Neither of us got much sleep, because the instant the cat leaves our arms, it starts yowling.

We've fed it four times already, and it's managed to sleep on the heating pad several times. It's also peed on me twice so far - once on a shirt, once on my pants - and scraped both my arms up. For a while I was worried that it was blind, but once we cleaned out its eyes, it began noticing things. Today when La gets home we're going to get some shampoo and take it to the vet. When the cat sits still and/or sleeps, I've been able to get work done.

We weren't planning to get a kitten... Looks like one got us.

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