Garrett (garote) wrote,

Some geekery

  • Want to have your web browser display a different home page based on which network location you're at? All it takes is a little PHP monkeying.

  • It's about time: Someone has created an application for OS X that allows you to dynamically repartition volumes without erasing the data. Now if only they could make it combine two partitions on separate drives into a RAID.

  • This handy command-line tool will display a wealth of HFS information about the files on your drive, including BSD information, Finder information, Resource/Data fork information, and an analysis of how fragmented a file is.

  • That tool will provide insight into whether you should try moving your swapfile to a different volume, or freeing space on your startup volume, to prevent fragmentation of your swapfile. Of the two, I recommend freeing up local space.

P.S.: Here, have some drive and folder icons.
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