Garrett (garote) wrote,

Weekend movie maration

I just can't see a movie without giving an opinion.

  • Serenity
    Very much "wild-west in space". You can tell Joss Whedon's been writing screenplays for a long, long time. He knows which narrative conventions to short-circuit and which ones to leave intact. He also tends to define his characters through one-liners, reducing the normal give-and-take of natural dialogue down to something more like thrust-and-parry. It's clever, but it's got limited range. Joss can't write drama with a capital D, but it's okay in this film, because he knows it and doesn't try.
  • Corpse Bride
    Smoother and smaller than "Nightmare Before Christmas", yet ironically not as well paced. Burton has a good time playing in his universe, but it's no longer surprising for me.
  • Laputa: Castle In The Sky
    Now I know where all those early Nintendo RPGs stole their "Flying Fortress" motif from (Crystalis, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, etc). Here's a film that stuck in my head, and I can see why so many people at Pixar love it. The characters are adorable, and the bright comic-book colors are almost old enough today that it becomes a style, instead of a technical restriction. I was amused to discover an animal that was later copied wholesale into a Pokemon character. It was also very disconcerting to hear Anna Paquin's voiceover work, which made the character sound a whole lot like a certain aelf I know. (Her accent also wandered a bit - she did a better job in Steamboy). When she said "Well that was exciting!" 2/3 through the film, I did a double-take because it sounded exactly like that aelf. There's also another character in here who fits the character study I did for valley of the winds. Good ol' Miyazaki actually managed to bring tears to my eyes during one scene, which surprised me. This film is two hours long, and I already want to watch it again. That's a good sign.
  • House of Flying Daggers
    Just a bit too convoluted near the end, but you can still appreciate what Wang, Li, and Zhang were up to. Gorgeous production values of course. The film is worth seeing just for that and the combat.
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