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Hey -- Key the Metal Idol has hair like kikitheferret's! Coincidence?

Well, sound input on the laptop that I recorded from is TERRIBLE. We're talkin' really really low signal strength. I had to amplify it 2000% just to work with it. By the time I applied EQ and sound-dynamic, most everything was snowy crap. Rerecording is in order ... but with what device? And how? And where?

As for my voice, the results are encouraging. It's clear I need to continue practice with driving sound, and I'm totally unfamiliar with how to position a mike relative to the volume I generate. Vibrato isn't as bad as I thought it was, though there's obviously room to improve. And as Mr. Beatings once said, one of the most vital things you must do when singing is mean it.

After the initial extreme embarrassment of hearing myself sing (it feels kind of like watching a home video of yourself taken at all the most unflattering angles), I realized that I might as well create something as a milestone. So I put some instrumental loops on top of a track, and mixed it all down as an mp3. Here it is, for the morbidly curious.

And now, bedtime. I sleep now with the sincere hope --- that tomorrow is a more productive day at work. Today sucked.
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