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Yesterday's game

Warcraft III Free-for-all

Fought with a weak Night Elf player, who was trying to tech up to Chimaera very hastily. I pounced on his tavern-bought heros with my posse of kitty-cats, sending him home, and taunted: "That's right, run you cheezy teching bastard." The purple player asked: "Who's teching?" I replied: "Green. Feel free to slap him."

I geared up to charge green's base, but on the way my Sentinels observed the teal Undead charging in ahead of me. So I ran my force right into the Night Elf base after him, and started biting his army in the ass. He teleported home, so I started whomping on the Night Elf base, picking up where he left off... Until the purple Undead showed up and bit my army in the ass. I was almost destroyed, when the teal Undead showed up AGAIN and attacked the purple Undead and myself - three armies fighting in the midst of a fourth players' base. We ran away, and teal beat the Night Elf player so severely that he quit.

Meanwhile, purple rushed MY base, and I kicked him out. Then he came back, and I kicked him out AGAIN, and while he was fleeing he ran into the teal army AGAIN and was obliterated. Taking purple's cue, teal ran into my base and began chewing on it. I fought desperately to drive him off, and in a bizarre twist, purple showed up with a fresh army and plowed into teal -- right on my doorstep -- saying that he was going to "save me" to make an ally. Teal fled, but my base was a shambles.

I hid in the corner and rebuilt, and we all caught our breath. Then teal found me, but as soon as he attacked, purple bum-rushed him from the side. Teal ran away, and purple stayed nearby so I could "feed his heros", as part of our alliance. I sent collections of small units out and had them run circles around his heros, so he could earn easy experience points. Unfortunately teal came back and hit my base hard, and I scrambled to make an expansion in the far north while purple regrouped.

The two Undead players fought while I chatted online, only half interested in the game. Finally teal won, and since he wasn't my ally, I was doomed. So I quit.

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