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10 FOR S = 1 TO 3 : ? "SPAM, "; : NEXT S : ? "SPAM..." : GOTO 10

Spammers try to get your attention by generating fake names for their fake users, when sending their fake messages, ... usually for fake products. Looks like the current trend is to combine two dictionary words with a random initial, like "Wirier K. Conversing", and "Careen L. Ravaged".

Other names from my Junk Mail folder:
  • Penderecki H. Wavier
  • Daffodil B. Vulva
  • Panics O. Larger
  • Plumping T. Decree
  • Dullards P. Breastbone
  • Scorch C. Convulsions
  • Crosschecked U. Achievers
  • Polliwogs S. Impotent
  • Poling P. Pickering
And my personal favorite,

Logs O. Hanky

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