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Just back. The laptop is recharging in the other room, and finding a place on DHCP. Soon I'll move the files over to my main machine and play them back .. *gulp* ... then I'll know what I sound like.

I drove down to the marina and stopped in a foresty section of a parking lot, where no streetlamps shone in. The heater was on full-blast all the way there, so I was all nice and warm. I shut off the engine and folded both front seats forward, then put down the back seat armrest, revealing a plastic door into the trunk just large enough for the laptop to fit through.

I unfolded the laptop in the trunk, turned it on, and led the mouse and microphone wires back out the plastic door. There was breathing room around the frame, so the mike wire, and even the thick mouse wire, didn't get crimped. I set my sound program to record, shut the door, folded up the armrest, ... and had complete silence. :)

Did some warming up and messing around, with They Might Be Giants tunes. Getting used to the idea that I could be as loud as I wanted. Then I went for pitch control with a few Nine Inch Nails tracks. Then I settled in for what I really wanted to record: three songs by Suzanne Vega, off the "99.9 Degrees" album.

When I saved the last audio file, the battery was at 1%. Eeek!

So, soon I will know.
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