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Bugs and Flowers

Let the bugging and the flowering begin!


I've also been scanning the heck out of old film negatives and slides, and have a backlog of them for posting. 35mm slides from 1978, scanned at 3200dpi as 24-bit TIFF images, saved with LZW compression. About 26 megabytes EACH. Good thing blank DVD-Rs are down to 20 cents. (How's that for acronym overload?)

Oh yeah, and I've been obsessively writing on my old Palm V and fold-out keyboard. The 'Journey In The Dark' essay about Apple II-era graphics is shaping up nicely.

Props to Kashms and Alikat for being fellow photographers, props to Mistah E. for the free ice cream and the enjoyable chat about tweekers, and M4D PH4T PR0P5 to my Beloved, for studying her little fins off for her impending Japanese final. And props to Arekkusu for the Japanese voice readings! Those were very useful.

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