Garrett (garote) wrote,

Preaching to the choir

Who cares if blogs aren't read? Most people use them as diaries anyway, and those are supposed to remain stuffed under a mattress!! Sure, if you post "interesting content", you will inevitably catch an eyeball trolling through. However, the benefits of that visiting eyeball may not compensate for the effort it takes to keep a blog "interesting".

Take my blog - I try to only post things that I would consider "interesting to others", because to me, a blog should act as a beacon to attract other people who share my interests. And yet, nobody reads it, or even if hundreds of people read it every day, nobody leaves a comment, making the whole effort useless to me.

You know what the problem is? Unless you post something inflammatory, hilarious, or clearly wrong, most people have no reason to comment. And if that's the best course for racking up the responses, then who cares what people think anyway? Fuck 'em.

So factor other people out of the equation: Write what you'll read.

(If no one reads it but you, why would you write anything else?)

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