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Oh, by the way

Beyond all the talk over bringing democracy to the world, past all the talk about liberating the oppressed or defending our turf, I hereby make my statement of the Iraq invasion. It is neither republican, libertarian, or conservative, and beyond it I have nothing more to say.

Iraq is a desert, punctuated by small geysers that erupt concentrated money. If a family owns land with a geyser on it, they enjoy a life of royalty. If a family owns land with no geyser, they eat sand and drink mud. These uneven economic conditions are a solid guarantee of endless violent conflict.

Even if you loaded every citizen of Iraq onto a boat, and unloaded a boat full of Americans out onto the land to replace them, the situation would eventually degenerate into violence, and a few powerful land-owning families would rise to the top. It's not their religion, it's not their ancestry, it's not their renowned talent for holding grudges. It's the land. Invasions won't change it's shape. Killing certain people won't change it's shape. Propaganda and sanctions won't do anything. It's the economy, stupid..

This also implies another thing: Fruitcakes like Osama Bin Laden are not a product of American meddling. They are the product of the violent conflict that America is meddling in. America is responsible in only one way, and in turn there is only one thing America should do to encourage peace in the mideast:


I'm finished now. It'll probably be another five years before the rest of America catches up.
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