Garrett (garote) wrote,

A few years ago DJ Shadow made a long track containing dialogue between an old drunkard playing checkers and a space alien who stops by to partake of the man's "Space Elixir" -- probably home-stilled moonshine. Just now I discovered the source of that sample.

"The most interesting part of the movie is the boy who played the alien with not much added to make him an alien except some ear prothesis.  Mickey Hays was a personable, upbeat little boy suffering from progeria, a genetic condition which virtually guaranteed he would not live to see twenty.  He appeared on the Phil Donahue show several times in the middle eighties wearing a baseball cap and cheerfully answering questions about his condition.   During his second appearance, other children suffering from the same condition also appeared.  We think there was a third appearance promoting this movie.  According to Peter, Mickey's family and the producers are close friends.  His appearance in this movie was most certainly the highlight of his short life.  Peter said that during the scene where he carried the alien, it was like picking up a bird because Mickey's bones were so light (as the result of osteoporosis)."

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