Garrett (garote) wrote,

In nature, there are only three natural numbers, 0, 1, and infinity. All other numbers require explanation.

Further along in the lecture series, we determine the initial wrinkles of space-time by listening to the "overtones" of the Big Bang.

Also: "No living thing exits in isolation. All organisms are strongly coupled to their inanimate environment and require a continual throughput of matter and energy as well as the ability to export entropy. From a physical and chemical point of view, every organism is strongly out of equilibrium with its environment. In addition, life on Earth is an intricate network of mutually interdependent organisms held in a state of dynamic balance. Then concept of life is fully meaningful only in the context of the entire biosphere."

And while we're talking about math, shouldn't we be finding out how many higher dimensional simplices are needed to triangulate a hypercube?

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