Garrett (garote) wrote,


My beloved describes me to an old friend of hers:

He's very smart and very funny. He has sparkly eyes (blueish) and stubbly hairs (dark brownish) and a cute beard (brown&red). He makes me laugh. He makes me smile when i am sad, and he holds me and kisses my tears. He's a computer programmer for an educational software company. He has a band called the braindead monkeys (they're HILARIOUS). He takes pretty photographs. He likes to hike and play and be silly. He loves my cooking. He likes to go exploring with me. He likes travel and loves home. He's interesting. He loves his family & adores his friends. He's loyal, and, if necessary, brave. He gets forgetful sometimes. He makes our stuffed turtle dance on my head. He makes our plush fish turn cartwheels & things. He doesn't like "stuff". He prefers a cluttered computer and a stuff free house.

He likes gardening and sleeping-in. He loves camping and listening to audiobooks & atmospheric soundscapey things. He likes Tori. He likes industrial music and science fiction books and video games. He likes movies & hates tv (except for law & order, the simpsons & good eats). He names his computers & cars. He loves cats. He wants to have children someday. He's calm and wise. He doesn't yell when arguing. He makes me feel happier to know him (how do you explain that? he makes me happier by existing?). He doesn't put the towels where i would expect them. He hugs me a lot and pets my hair. He makes me feel more beautiful, more warm, more safe. He understands that i need alone-time & he gives me ways to take it, and offers a lot of support for my art/writing endevors. He's wondefully geeky and encourages geekiness in all who have it :) He doesn't match his socks. He likes TMBG a great deal. He loves my Grammy. His family LOVES me. I've spent more time with his father then with my own. His sister trusts me with her children and her credit card. I feel so loved and accepted. It's crazy. Crazy & beautiful.

We moved in with eachother after eight or nine months of dating seriously, that was more than a year and bit ago.

We seem very well matched. It makes me very happy. We lived in a van together for almost THREE MONTHS, while on the road. i am sure that we are compatible now. :)

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