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Just so you know.

1) Make a fucked-up list of file extensions for ignoring THUMBS.DB and *.nfo.
2) fcntl(NO_CACHE) inside the fucking RAR code

Seriously. If you don't : fcntl(fileno(fp), F_NOCACHE, 1);
VM: 5.05G + 91.6M 157777(0) pageins, 144639(0) pageouts.

So fcntl(NO_CACHE) your iogrp, and make sure to chfrp the Dev-10's. Then flshCntrl.

After gx_lp hits 600+dx, call TK_RESLP and trigger 0xcache_FLUSH(#turd) .

That should solve your problem.

-rw------T 1 root wheel 67108864 28 Jul 21:09 swapfile0
-rw------T 1 root wheel 67108864 28 Jul 21:15 swapfile1
-rw------T 1 root wheel 134217728 28 Jul 21:36 swapfile2
-rw------T 1 root wheel 268435456 29 Jul 16:20 swapfile3
-rw------T 1 root wheel 536870912 29 Jul 18:06 swapfile

kernel_task: "Hoop. HOOP. I'm seriously juggling my balls here!"
coder: "I recommend not juggling one's balls!"
kernel_task: "Christ that hurt!"

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