Garrett (garote) wrote,

To Do

The paradox of aging is that, even as your senses deteriorate, your perception matures. And even though the days seem shorter, your patience extends.

Or maybe it's just me.
Our housemates are a couple of tan-skinned, bizarrely muscular exercise freaks. They met about five months ago, and at first they spent all their time watching sports on television and having loud, neanderthal sex five times a week. Now they spend all their time arguing, and insulting one another. The landlord and the neighbors have called the police several times, when their domestic spats got out of hand. They're a perfect match: both are selfish, loud, arrogant, and horrendously uneducated. They've both been fired from their jobs. One for falsifying timecards, the other for gross incompetence. At the end of this month the landlord is throwing them both out.

Their ages are 57 and 41.

In other news, our lettuces are growing well, and the broccolis are going crazy. The zillion ladybugs that we set loose a few weeks ago have all lumbered off, the traitors. We go swimming three times a week, now, and I ride my bike to work regularly. We got a new bedside table for my beloved, and a new chair. The farmer's market sells frosted apple-honey-cinnamon bread, which I've become hooked on. Last week I went to work with my beloved, and used my camera and laptop to help her take inventory photos of some new jewelry pieces. Tomorrow she's asking for a raise. We had her friend DTC over for dinner and movie, and my friend Arekkusu over for Shabbos Friday - vegan lasagna with ceasar salad and sparkling cider. We're up to 97 stars on Mario 64. We're caught up on Samurai Jack. We're about to start watching Inu-Yasha - who knows if we'll actually get through all of the 127 episodes I downloaded over the weekend. Coding for my journal project is going well. This Friday I'm making yellow curry with sweet potatoes, and everyone's invited.

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