Garrett (garote) wrote,

From an email feedback to a random political tract on the web:

A studied characater assasination -- but I must raise one compelling question, that I would like you to consider for a moment.

This whole "left media, right media", "left agenda, right agenda", "left vs. right" thing.

What makes you think it exists, in any cohesive form?

I look at the political landscape, at the issues facing us all as Americans, and I see myriad interconnected agendas, advocating solutions for a myriad of problems.

I have not seen any indications of a "conspiracy of the left", or a "conspiracy of the right". Just the confusion of a hundred thousand arguing people. In this, I believe I am seeing the truest picture of the political process.

Coming from this perception, I have to ask you: Why are you perpetuating the idea of a "left" versus a "right"? As though the world can be cleanly divided across two cultures, only one of which is available to a given citizen? Do you really see the world this way? How much time do you spend trying to determine the "right-ness" or "left-ness" of any idea you are presented with?

Or do you have a convenient box for me too? Am I a "moderate", because I refuse to choose "sides"?

What a load of divisive hogwash this all is.

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