Garrett (garote) wrote,

clonk bonk beep

Lots of cool stuff going on, and my only regret is that I barely have time to write about it all. There's something in me that clamors for documentation of things... As if the preservation of a memory is almost as important as the experience itself. Or to put it another way, "What's the point of doing it today, if I won't remember it tomorrow?"

There are many ways to approach the prospect of unspent time, the eminent chain of days bestowed as our adulthood, with our strength in place, and our horizons clear. We could take the road in so many directions, and we are never in danger of not having a life.

I feel danger, personally, though. My personal danger is that I will not understand the lessons offered in all things. Or that when I understand, I will be unable to get them on paper.

It's never come close to an obsession, but I do feel driven by it. This desire to document.

Change of gears. I was standing in the bathroom just now, after finally watching "Kiki's Delivery Service" with my beloved. And for the first time it occured to me, to ask the question:

"A cable descrambler box is considered by law to be a 'circumvention device', and therefore illegal for private citizens to own or manufacture. If you are caught with one, the federal government will send you to jail. On the other hand, if you pay a couple hundred downtown, and wait a few weeks, and you can legally own a handgun.


Opinions, anyone? Why is the law like this, and should it be different, and how?
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