Garrett (garote) wrote,

fine fine summer day

Another excellent Santa Cruz summer day with my beloved.

We started things off right -- by waking up in the early afternoon for a marathon sex episode. We had to keep up with the housemates, after all, who had their own the previous day. Then it was shower and snack time, followed by the geeky rituals of reading email, checking phone messages, browsing Slashdot, Livejournal, CNN, and Fark.

Then we called Mr. beatings and Mr. Lexx0r, and arranged to meet for food and The Hack. Beatings was in town to see his music in one of the UCSC student films that screened the previous day, and now he was lounging around with his brother at their parent's estate. My beloved and I decided to join them.

So we sat on the porch steps and talked about film, and music. We rolled around on the lawn, and petted the big orange cat who came sniffing around out of the ivy. Mr. Beating's father had a framework of steel pipes arranged on a wooden scaffold, and I helped him flip the contraption over so he could paint the underside. When complete, it would be a towering latticework for a new section of the garden, perfect for vines to encircle.

Mr. Lexx0r arrived, and berated me about my unclear directions for meeting him. We all hung around a while longer, playing in the grass, wandering in and out of conversations, and eventually decided to seize the remaining day -- by going record shopping.

Mr. Beatings scored three choice vinyl albums for his scratching practice -- one involving legendary drummer Tino and copious ganja. I picked over the Muslimgauze and found nothing worth paying such high prices for, but I just HAD to have the new Weird Al album. Mr. Lexx0r discovered a CD by The Fucking Champs that none of us thought existed.

With our capitalistic urges satiated, the next item on the list was food. My beloved and I took the group on a detour to New Leaf Market, and sent everyone off on quests for the items on our shopping list. In a few minutes we had everything for a great dinner, so we drove the loot over to my room.

There we got down to The Hack. Mr. Lexx0r impressed us all with his OpenGL-based Kochview fractal builder, providing cool interactive examples and explaining the inner workings of his code in a most engaging way. Mr. Beatings got help on his C program for generating AIFF sound-file headers. We also tweaked a few mixdowns of the new Braindead Monkeys album, and played some classic Nintendo favorites in a couple emulators.

My beloved participated in this, while preparing a brilliant vegan dinner at the same time. A huge casserole, made with Gemelli style curly pasta, yukon gold potatoes, broccoli, organic baby carrots, mesquite barbecue soy-based 'chicken' strips, maui onions, sliced red onion, whole and refried pinto beans, chickpeas, 'Tofutti' cheese slices, fire roasted tomatoes, garlic pasta sauce, garlic and onion powder, egg replacer, marjoram, corn oil, and lots of parsley. We all helped clean off the deck chairs and table, scrubbing it down with sponges and soap, and had a hot early-evening meal on the back porch.

After the meal none of us felt like sitting around digesting, even though we had eaten a lot. We were ready for more action! This has been happening a lot since I became vegan -- I think it's the low fat content of the food that keeps people from feeling bogged down. We decided to grab some ice-cream (well, Soy Cream actually) and continue the evening at Mr. Beating's parents' house.

We set up the laptops in the dining room. While my beloved read a novel from the library, us Monkeys got inspired, and spent four solid hours drawing storyboards for an animated music video to one of the new tracks, sketching out images at a frantic pace to keep up with our ideas. Eventually we wore our Mr. Beatings, who had to fly back to Portland the next day, so we packed things up. Mr. Lexx0r departed for San Jose, my beloved made arrangements to borrow the novel, and she and I drove back to my room.

We prepared the blankets in efficient silence, trading kisses. Happily exhausted, I fell asleep to the soft noises of Rapoon on the stereo, while my beloved stayed up a few extra minutes, finishing off the last chapters of her book.

An exciting, stress-free day, full of sex, love, friends, music, computers, sunshine, and food. There have been others since, and others before it also.

It's going to be a fine, fine summer.
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