Garrett (garote) wrote,

brugga brugga brugga bruggs jah-JAH

The remixes and the work continue. Today I ate badly: Two corn/bean tamales and an incredible amount of chocolate. Heh heh heh. Paradoxically, I feel my strength waxing, and tomorrow when I have my new music player in hand I think I'll go for hike with an audiobook.

I miss my beloved, but she's seeing her family, which is good.

The Bourne Identity: Ludlum does not polish his prose very well - parts of this spy novel have a first-draft roughness to the words -- but his love for the mechanics of espionage is put to perfect use with his Bourne character, whose mysterious persona hides his authors clumsiness at evoking subtle emotions. Even the insides of his own mind, his memories and past, are secondary to the art of spying and evasion. Which is what Ludlum writes best -- and when the chase is on, you can't put this novel down. I ate this first story like popcorn, and am eager to begin the next.

Fast Food Nation: Just because the animal is converted to meat somewhere else, doesn't mean that you escape the consequences of it's origin. This book should be required reading in high-school, as a perfect demonstration of how vital it is that people in a free country seek out exactly what they are discouraged from knowing. Read this book to confirm your suspicions. Fast food joints are, literally, feeding you shit.

(The next time you consider a fast-food lunch, try something else instead. Put your hand in your toilet and cook whatever you pull out. It's safer.)

Not too long ago I ate some fast food myself, and I realized I'd forgotten why I shouldn't. So I re-read this book, and now I remember everything. No more burgers for me, thank you.

The Braindead Monkeys: Weenie Roast An upcoming album! w00t! Free downloads coming to a website near you. Very industrial, and very stressful. I've said this for every album but Creeping Banana, but really, this is Our Best Work Ever.

Back to the hack.
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