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It occured to me last week that, if someone were to browse through my other web page, they might think I've been feeling all depressed and somber in recent times. It's actually not so.

The majority of the time I've been feeling quite chipper. I think it's because I've managed to settle my belongings in one place -- something I haven't really been able to do in almost six months. I've started getting back to all the little projects and fun stuff I've had on hold for so long. Composing music, for example. Or sorting my papers and hardware.

I've already installed my noisy CPU in the den. Drilled a hole through the wall and installed two metal plates. Seven cooling fans in that monster, and I can't hear any of them. I SO SMART!

Today, for the first time in six months, I put on my grey sweatsuit and went jogging. Something you can't do in Pasadena, 'cause the air is DEATH. Carlsbad is much nicer. There's a school nearby with a field that gets all shadowy and quiet, and this evening the stars were out and the air was crisp, and it would have been a great run except my left headphone kept slipping out of my ear.

ANNOYANCE FACTOR +5 . So I cut it short, ran home, drank 400 gallons of water, and got my ass on LiveJournal. It's nice here.

But man am I sleepy.
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