Garrett (garote) wrote,

Recent media:

"E = MC2 - The Famous Equation" - An excellent slice of the history of physics, drawn right up through Albert Einstein's life and the arms race of World War II. I give it a thumbs up.

"Alien Voices: The First Men In The Moon" - An agile, well-produced radio dramatization of H.G. Wells' whimsical space-faring tale. The voices of Leanord Nimoy and William Shatner provide the perfect whimsical touch. I give it two snaps up in a circle.

"Agatha Christie: Murder In The Mews" - Her famous French detective solves a tricky locked-room case. A brief, easily digestable work -- mechanically sound, though lacking in prose. I give it a shrug and a wavy hand.

"Firesign Theatre's Bride of Firesign" - Extremely dense, post-modern radio drama/comedy, starring 'Nick Danger: Third Eye'. I've got to revisit this, I could barely catch half of the detail. I give it a foot up.

"Terry Pratchett: Night Watch" - In his very long series of 'Discworld' novels, Pratchett has defied the trend, by making each successive novel better than the last. This is arguably the best one I've read (and yes, I've read them all). It's central theme is political revolution, and the way it boils down for the common man. There are some very good ideas in this book. I give it five thumbs up.

"The Dilbert Principle" "The Joy of Work" "Dogbert's Management Handbook" - These are essentially a patchwork of Scott Adams' comic strips, woven together. However, one thing you should definitely not miss, is the second half of "The Joy of Work", where Adams outlines his own ideas for making the workplace more efficient. His ideas are not what you might guess -- and they strike me as very, very good ideas. Thumbs up.

"Diamond Age" - People who thought 'Snow Crash' was clever, obviously haven't read Neal Stephenson's more recent 'Diamond Age'. He has, in my opinion, a tendency to try and knit the fabric of computerization together with the occult, in ways that seem calculated to inspire a 'wow' factor at the expense of believability, and even the cohesiveness of his plot. But I found ample reason to forgive him of this. I give this book two solid thumbs up.

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