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If the compilation starts with an extremely clubby techno-ish tune by Exclipsect (who seems to have chosen to write a catchy but "simple" track, unlike the material on the "Point of Focus" album), it goes on with an overly looped gritty track by Monoid, with staccato saturated beats and grinding tones. This is followed by one of the most remarkable (but not necessarily best) track on the compilation, by Fixed, who uses a very high quantity of tongue in cheek voice samples, combined with a drum sounding like somebody spitting on a mic.
hee hee hee... Spitting on a mic... So that's what six carefully balanced digital filters sounds like. That's industrial for ya.
Like all good compilations, it also has a fair amount of unique and exclusive tracks. Most notable among these are the tracks by Big Cat – a collaboration between Big Tex and C/A/T, bringing the former’s textural noise to the hypnotic beats of the latter with understandably mental results – and Fixed, whose track “Thunderaduck” sees him pay tribute to the late Dwayne Goettel with an imitation of his aDuck project, with a liberal helping of humour provided by some hilarious Thundercats outtakes (it’s almost worth the price of the album just to hear Mumm-Ra say “Now show me your tits…”).
Whohoo! A critic who gets the reference! Kudos to him.
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