Garrett (garote) wrote,

Sometimes people do things because they're lonely. For them, being lonely is reason enough, and I can understand that. However, I expect more from myself.

And so this morning I put myself to the question -- are my reasons good enough? Do I like her, or do I just like the idea? Well, let's see.

I like the way she converses. The way we talk together. Open, involved, supportive. I like the way we flow from the small voice, to the strong voice, to the serious voice, to the happy voice. The way we are both commited to making each other understand.

I like the way she can plan things, or leave them unplanned, and thrive either way. I like how, when I tell her I need to do something, she releases me, without a hassle, without fear. She is her own person with her own work and her own things to do, and can manage the balance between attachment and independence skillfully. Her need for alone-time compliments mine.

I like her skill with children, and the way that dedication shows in her current work. Not just her love for them, her skill with them.

I like how she is capable of every emotion, yet her natural state is to be happy and optimistic.

I like how sexually direct she is, in a way that enriches the underlying passion instead of trampling over it. I like how twice a day is her average.

I like her rampant, blood-red hair. I like her solid, freckled arms. Her sly little mouth. Her fine slender neck. Her generous white breasts. The way she doesn't flaunt these things.

I like how much she likes me, and how she says so. It's about time I was appreciated the way I appreciate people. It makes quite a difference.

No, I don't think I'm acting on a whim. Case dismissed.
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