Garrett (garote) wrote,

I'd just like to report right now that, even though my plans are moving a lot slower than I'd like, there is no shortage of REALLY GOOD THINGS.

Good thing number 1:

Girls who can talk. And not just about the weather, but about everything, in that thorough, structured, exploratory way. The give-and-take of real conversation. You folks know who you are -- I salute you. I kiss you!!!

Good thing number 2:

Dissecting Table. In my headphones right now. The pure aural embodiment of total PANDEMONIUM. It doesn't get any louder, crunchier, more delicious than this. Any of you who know this music, know what I'm talking about. w00t!

Good thing number 3:

Garlic. Awwww yeah I just ate some tamales loaded with chopped garlic. I can feel it creeping out to every pore in my body, from my scalp to my feet, suffusing me in warm spicy stinkyness. Mmmm.

Good thing number 4:

That fine wafting spray that settles on your face when a wave kicks up from a cold rock at the tail end of the jetta that marks the lip of the Santa Cruz harbor, smelling of primal life and sharp, cleansing salt, a suspended lattice in cold fresh streaming ocean air that seems to light up your head from the inside, through the sinuses, thrusting you into the present moment. Myep.
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