Garrett (garote) wrote,

A while ago android606 and I were sitting around and talking. I mentioned the supposed 'arrogance' of the man I had been discarded for.

Android chucked. "Arrogance, eh? He must be well paid."

An interesting connection to make, and one that made certain things much clearer to me.
  • The haughtiness of my ex-co-cowkers.
  • The preening of the IT department in that building -- the way they worked so hard to prove that they were not geeks, with the beer and the party bragging and the football banter.
  • The way a relative of mine suddenly became impatient and condescending when he changed careers
I mean, duh, really. I should have realized a long time ago that higher pay brings a higher risk of overconfidence and ego.

Additional item in the schedule, for this weekend: Michal Moore's new film is playing at the Tower theatre in Sacramento, and he's hosting a QA session afterwards. I am so there.

Time for food.
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