Garrett (garote) wrote,

A leftover picture from the set lexX0r and I used while making 'Teh 1337 haXx()rs'.

A picture that caffeina was idly painting in the living room of her Santa Cruz place, while we talked. It's on one page of a book that is being sent around the world. Each recipient fills out a few pages before forwarding it. She explodes with creativity. I admire that.

While I was ripping music this morning from the house stash, a little orange kitten moved into my laptop. She was too cute to charge for rent.

I ate dinner at the Real Thai Kitchen, across from the Rio in Santa Cruz. The Rio marquee claims The Residents are playing there, on the 25th. Gonna have to see them, too.

I flagged down the waitress and told her that her chef makes the best yellow curry I've ever had, and I've eaten at half a dozen other Thai places in southern California since I was last here, so that opinion counts for something. "Yeah, I remember you from last year!" she said, grinning. Nice to know. A few minutes later I heard her telling the cook all about it. Kind words are free.

Later on at android606's place, we chatted and burned a few coasters in his garage.

Gotta do something with these cheap useless discs. Dali would be proud.

You can tell that serious work goes on in this garage. This is, if I am not misaken, a Ford automatic transmission. In a bucket.

Alright, that's enough 'net for me. Back to Snow Crash. Heh.
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