Garrett (garote) wrote,

I walked through the back woods of UCSC today. Talked with breakpoint in SLO the entire time on the cellphone, as he sat in his apartment 200 miles south. I snapped pictures while we caught up. A very relaxing experience, actually -- I'm glad I had someone to talk to.

I passed a lot of mountain-bikers, and a few groups on foot. Must have been an odd sight, talking into thin air about the tech industry and relationships, turning randomly to snap a photo.

Wandered over to the KZSC music sale, but there was only very very bad stuff left. Looked over a flyer for current events, and noticed that the Boardwalk Haunted House is open, and that Les Claypool is playing with his Frog Brigade at the Civic next Friday. Gotta get tickets to that.

Went to the Saturn Cafe to touch up the pictures, and saw a cute girl. Good grief, I thought I was cured of girls forever! Or at least, for longer than this! Nope. She seemed nice, but she was busy talking with her friend. So I passed her a note on the way out. Silly of me I guess.

I did some wardriving and caught FIFTEEN wireless networks downtown. So I parked the car, joined someone's network, and checked my mail through SSH. Pretty sly.

I can't wait to get moved in here. :)
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