Garrett (garote) wrote,

Day 6

Well, after taking "the pledge" on Sunday, I'm off to a flying start, thanks mostly to some crazy, turmoil-inducing (and very distracting) events this week.

Breaking "the pledge" is about the last thing on my mind. I expect to ride this wave of nervous energy for three or four more days at least. Even then I doubt I'll be tempted. I wonder how far this will go.

Greetings from San Jose. LexxX0r and I talked "the hack" for five or six hours straight today, two wireless powerbooks side-by-side, and I sampled it. It's some pretty damn funny dialogue, actually. I'm going to condense it and probably post it as an mp3 somewhere.

Tomorrow I drive to Santa Cruz, toss out resume`s like party favors, and go for a hike behind UCSC. Perhaps visit Milo, or Skot, or the apartment I'm moving into.
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