Garrett (garote) wrote,

I can't shake this vague fear that somehow I'm being kept in the dark.

about what?
i promise, you're not being kept in the dark about anything
you know i'm nothig but up front with you

That when I hang out with you, it's clearly about you and me, but when I'm not around, it's more about you and me and you and him, and you and him, and you and possibly her.


It comes mostly from the things I come across in your LJ.

i can't help it if something turns me on. what i can control is what i do about that something

Of course.
But it's the way it _sounds_.
Jealousy : no. Disgust : no. Distrust and the potential to be hurt : yes, a bit.

yes, you have the potential to be hurt

95% of this feeling comes from the fact that I do not know these people, and that you seem reluctant to tell me.

it goes with the territory
i supose i will jsut have to earn your trust some more

It's been worrying me this last little while :(

i can be patient
garrett, you've nothing to worry about.

but, i can tell you that till i'm blue in the face
i think you can trust that i have a good head on my shoulders and am not going to do anything stupid simply for the sake of doing it

Yeah ... you're right ...
There are just a lot of unknowns I guess

garrett, you know me
you know where my heart is in all this
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