Garrett (garote) wrote,

"The concept of IP (intellectual property) -- copyrights, patents, trademarks -- is enforced to bring IP into a capitalist framework. It works fairly well, however the fact that, in a digital world, IP can be copied for free makes a big difference to the optimal balance that can be achieved.

Capitalism is successful principally because it is a good mechanism for optimal distribution and use of scarce resources. If the resources aren't intrinsically scarce, introducing artificial scarcity [through IP laws] might not be the best option."

"Nobody here is arguing that artists shouldn't be compensated. We're arguing that the way in which the industry is seeking to get them compensated (forced pay-per-play through legislative manipulation) is wrong. We simply want to continue to allow property laws be shaped by the country's technological and economic environment."

"Shouldn't the movie studios/recording industry pour all their efforts into finding the source of these leaked files, rather than blaming everyone else on the 'net for their lack of basic security? Perhaps try to stop their own employees from walking out of the building with a CDR, or mailing 500MB MPEG attachments out of their office network?

Imagine if the National Mint had security this lax -- Everyone in the country would be a potential criminal. Mind you, the RIAA already think this, so..."
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