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Holy shit did I just have a weird moment. I walked over to the fridge to look for food, and saw some "Creme Brulee" ice cream in the freezer. I thought to myself: "I've never encountered this flavor of ice cream before, yet the name sounds familiar to me. Where have I heard that name?"

I couldn't think of it. So I shrugged and shut the freezer and started walking to my room to get my keys. While I was walking I began to whistle. When I got to my room, I exchanged whistling for singing. The lyrics ran like so: "No more pie now ... No more Creme Brulee ... Lay of the gravy ... And souflee ..."

It was Weird Al's "Grapefruit Diet", to the tune of "Zoot Suit Riot".
I had just failed to remember a reference ... and then spontaneously started using that reference, as though I'd actually remembered it.

Totally. Weird.
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