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Woops. My notebook got slashdotted. I didn't really think it would make it onto the front page... Damn. Anyway, 36 hours later, and the site is finally back up. Kudos to mix-master Android606 for putting out the blaze and rebuilding the firewall so fast. Here's what he posted in the forum:

Hey, everyone. This is the guy that runs

You might be entertained to know that Slashdot managed to completely annihilate my firewall in just about 2 1/2 hours!

The firewall box was a little 486-66 with 24 megs running Linux out of a RAMdisk.

The data on the hard drive (The boot media) has somehow been corrupted. I can mount it on another machine, but I can't boot from it at all. Interesting, considering that the drive wasn't even mounted at the time it died...
Also, the machine is totally flaky now. Memory errors out the wazoo. I can boot from a floppy, but it'll only stay up 5--30 minutes. I think you guys actually managed to completely trash this machine! :-)

When I first found it, it was just spewing a bunch of hex numbers to the screen. Probably BIOS error codes or something, I don't know.
No big deal. It completely cracked me up yesterday when I saw that my machine was actually physically damaged by the Slashdot Effect. :-)

So, I picked up a P-150 with 64 MB today for $20. I finally got it configured about 20 minutes ago.

The instant I brought it up, the "ACTIVITY" light went solid.

Anyone wanna make any guesses how long this one will last?
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