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Not enough hours in the day

Six months of research and waffling has paid off nicely. Brilliant camera, excellent batteries, hella fast media card, laptop editing station, backpack to carry it all in ... And the freedom to take pictures of everything, even the toilet seat, with no worries about film wastage. Dear me.

Editing the picture while I'm shooting it? HOW CAN THIS BE?! Jinkies!! The dartboard has a happy face on it, but the screen covers it up. Oh well.

The Oceanside IHOP. Always open. Even when it shouldn't be. My ghost, visible in the right, is taking this photo.

This is what the head chef prepares for you if you're 'special'. It's a chicken salad with mutant fish-patty growths. Deadly to vegetarians, but tasty with Bleu Cheese.

This is what the head chef wears. It's the traditional Guam symbol. Pardon the blur -- I weaved.

This is what the head chef throws away every night. Deee-frickin' licious.

These are what the head chef cooks in spades, as an offering to the breakfast cooks, who will arrive in an hour to take over.

This is the full frame of a shot taken by the Dimage 7i in "High Quality", but not "Super Fine", mode.

This is cropped from the very same picture. The detail that this camera takes in, after less than a half-second of focusing, just stuns me.

I was going to write about my visit with my sister, and her two boys. I've got some notes here that need transcribing, but it's 4:27am and I need to be at work "tomorrow".

This weekend I'm gonna try and tour the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. Maybe I can get a shot of that huge stinking flower before it finishes blooming. Anyone want to come along?

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