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Road trip summary

Thursday, July 18 - Sunday, July 28.

Total mileage: 2,500.

Places visited: Irvine, Chatsworth, San Louis Obispo, San Jose, Sacramento, Roseburg (Oregon), Portland (Oregon), Pasadena, San Diego, Carlsbad.

Longest drive in one stretch: Portland to Sacramento, 624 miles.

Second longest drive in one stretch: San Jose to Pasadena, 410 miles.

Placed so much state-hopping activity on my debit card that the bank froze the account in fear. Had to call 'em and explain myself on Sunday.

Saw some fine people in some fine cities. Met Team Fojar. Good conversation with quite a range of folks. Sifted through sample libraries with road-trip partner Alex, for BDM. Thought more about my future residency prospects. Checked email, sent IMs, browsed web, and swapped files from SIX different cities this week, thanks to this glorious laptop.
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