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So I'm starting to get crazy ideas.

Instead of buying property and settling down in Sacramento, living by myself, what if I was to get an apartment instead? And while we're on this train of thought...

What if I was to get that apartment somewhere where I would enjoy being, in a general sense? What if I rented an apartment in Santa Cruz? Went back to my old job at Learning in Motion? Took classes at Cabrillo, rode my bike along the beach?

But what if I took this a few steps further? What if I was to take my savings and move out of the state? What if I was to move out of the country? What if I was to get an apartment somewhere else entirely, like Scotland, or Ireland, or England, or Australia? Another country that doesn't have a language barrier, yet is decidedly new and foreign?

My job skills could pretty much employ me anywhere. I've also been reading some good news about how Ireland has been treating artists ... special tax and copyright dispensation, for example. I could use my savings to get a start, and stay there for a year, possibly more. Take classes at an entirely foreign institution. Use my history and resume` to break into the job market at a higher level.

Get away from this place.

As long as I look after this laptop, I can take all my composing materials with me. My journals, my email addresses, my notes, my pictures, my webwork. That's probably TOO much stuff, now that I think about it. Too much old material. I suppose before I go, the last thing I'll need is a good digital camera so I can send pictures back to relatives.

It's funny, but the only real material thing that's tying me here is my car, because I'm still making payments on it. To finish the payments would take almost double my savings. That would eliminate what is otherwise a three year car loan. Hmmmm.
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