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Did more work on the ol' journal database in IHOP tonight. A good three hours of coding.

Noticed that all my pants are practically falling off me now ... the exercise is doing a lot of good.

Finished WarCraft III and tried a few scenarios, but in general I'm going to wait until $TIN_LOAF is back in operation. It may also be the right time to upgrade video cards, in a month ... too bad I ain't got the budget for it.

To throw away before moving : Eight issues of The Budapest Sun, Hungary's only English-Language Newspaper. It's a funny story why I have these. But I ain't telling it. :)

Tomorrow it's time to make more realtor calls.

This evening I leave you with a quote that Zeugma shared with me years ago, which I still hold dear:

"I may not crank out a book every week like they do, but unlike them, I can say with confidence that all MY garbage goes in the trash can, where it belongs."
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