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Taking a break from WC-III to say:

I almost never do online surveys, but a scrap of one that crunchpod did caught my eye and got me thinking. So here I present the music that "changed my life", in chronological order. Each of these albums caused a paradigm shift in the way I relate to music, and the way I relate to the world, with an immediate intensity that I could feel, thundering around the back of my brain on the very first listen.

  1. Pink Floyd - The Wall
  2. Greater Than One - London
  3. Skinny Puppy - Last Rights
  4. Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
  5. Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes
  6. Delerium - Spheres I

I remember where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard each of these. That's the true test, I think.

  1. Coming from the boombox of my cousin's car. I dubbed a copy immediately.
  2. The day after that, when I first listened to the tape I'd copied from him. The other side was filled, he said, with "Industrial Music, like they listen to in German factories." In particular, "Dance of the Cowards" was magical. The bassline, of doctored voice samples, is to this day one of the weirdest pieces of sample composition I've heard.
  3. The second CD I ever bought. I was lying on the arm of the golden Turkish chair in the living room listening to it on headphones, feeling my brain change forever. This was a journey beyond hell. I was ecstatic.
  4. I was leaning on the backless computer chair in my room, listening to 'Closer' on shitty speakers. When the chorus hit, I almost fell over, thinking to myself, "He's singing the word 'fuck' in the chorus of the song. Can he do that? ... This album is going to be big."
  5. Driving back from a camping trip. My friend Kathleen put in a mix tape and 'Silent All These Years' came on. I turned to her and said, "Where has this music been hiding all my life?"
  6. In my room in Davis, with the ultra-cool stereo system, and the lights off. The alien sound of the analog keyboards, and the brilliantly stolen atonal 2001 chorus, was exactly what I'd wanted to do, and here it all was. I remember thinking to myself, clear over the music, "but, I could do it better."

Honorable mention: Delerium's 'Euphoric'. I remember sitting with my head between two speakers as Zog played me a copy, and telling him, "Holy shit. This is amazing."
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