Garrett (garote) wrote,

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a thought

I can see it so clearly now. And no, it's not innocence, or purity. It's nothing that corruptible. It's a condensed, glowing spark, a tiny knot of shifting energy, firing out from inside. Some people have it. Some people have a damaged spark, a light that will stutter because part of their mind grew in backwards, or was kicked around by trauma. But it's there, even if it flickers.

That spark propels them forward just as it carves into the world. It enrages some people, because they can't hide anything from it. However, if you have nothing to hide, you can walk right up, and they will take your
hand. The touch will be light and effortless. Without force, and without hesitation. Then they will look at you, and the spark in their head will carve down into you, and ask you:

"Yes ... ?"
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