Garrett (garote) wrote,


Howdy, folks. LiveJournal is a graveyard filled with weeds and Soviet-era monoliths. Spies flit about in the shadows.

( It's not paranoia, it's fact. Their server bank has been moved to a Moscow-area IP range and they've disabled HTTPS. The popular theory is, this was done by command of the government, to data-mine LiveJournal and track dissidents. )

Every time I post here I get the creepy feeling like I'm putting my friends at risk, especially the ones with ties to Russia.

So, I have cloned this entire journal, comments and all, to

Further updates will happen there, where commenters and readers can browse using HTTPS, and the admins are subject to - and dedicated to - decent privacy laws. Any comments you've made here have been migrated over by your "OpenID", so if you make an account on Dreamwidth, you can "take possession" of them there and carry on as if nothing's changed. Or you can stay on LJ and keep commenting via the OpenID.

"Why not do the full-on flounce and delete everything, before moving on," you ask? Well, what's the point? The admins obviously have backups; I'm not depriving them of any data. Still, it's a good idea for the sake of future web surfers: They won't be directed by Google to wade into this tar pit.

So, after a while, when Google and other indexes have found my new stuff and point to it instead, I'll push the button and flush this whole journal. (If I'm still allowed to. HAH! Hah.)
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