Garrett (garote) wrote,

Talking paleontology

Me:When you were talking to Kirk, I remember him asking you about a theory - what was it? Something about fins versus humps? Or was that another conversation? Also, what's the kind and species of the bone we found in the wall? I've forgotten.
My Nephew:Well, we talked about the Jack Bailey theory of Spinosaurus having a hump, and how it doesn't seem like it would make sense in an aquatic creature, but I also talked about that with Rob, who supports the theory cause of the bone shapes. As for the bone, it is most likely to be from a dromeosaurus.
Me:Thanks dude! Yeah, a hump in an aquatic creature doesn’t make a lot of sense.
My Nephew:You are most welcome. That's what Kirk thought too, and the geochemistry supports at least semi-aquaticness
Me:OTOH I wonder if it created a flexable surface that changed the surface/volume ratio and acted like a swim bladder...
My Nephew:Hmmm.... I don't think that they would stay underwater long enough to need that. It's more like a crocodile than anything
Me:Ahah. Hmm. I wonder what predators a crocodile would need to scare away with a hump?
My Nephew:Umm.... Yeah.. It was the largest carnivore in it ecosystem, and a sail would be just as effective at scaring stuff
Me:Would a hump make sense for food storage?
My Nephew:Well, camels' humps aren't really supported by bone. I'm not sure how good something like a bison is at storing food
Me:Yeah they’re just, like, *splat*
My Nephew:To put it in the scientific terminology, yes
Me:Like the worst dish of ice cream ever, with hair on it
My Nephew:And skin and blood! Don't forget skin and blood!

(Fun fact: My nephew just turned 14 last month. Look out, world!)
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