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Well here it is

A while ago I decided that my armory page would contain my more serious and meaningful writing. I put plenty up there, and that was fine. But once I had set the precedent of seriousness, I realized that I no longer had any online space where I could get random, offhand, and messy.

Plus, for the time being, I am living far away from my closest friends. Writing emails only works for long-winded letter-ish exchanges, and ICQ messages are too real-time. So here I am on LiveJournal, because it has such a great range of expressive and interactive features.

I'm probably going to be moving out of Southern California in a couple of months, and up around the Santa Cruz, Sacramento, or Davis area next. I've got friends in those places, and maybe I can scare up some roommates, dip into my savings, and go back to school like I've been kicking myself to do ever since last year.

Until then, I'm going to be going on a LOT of road trips. Gas is CHEAP! And I got a new used car! Whoo!! And the first payment is due soon! GLAAGGCKK!
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