Garrett (garote) wrote,

Dumpster diving!

March 26th, 1991:

Skot and I woke up and sat around, then Andy came over, then we all got dropped off at Seagate. We searched through the trash bins, and got lucky at one, finding a few tape cartridges and about 129 3.5-inch disks, and a few 5.25-inch disks as well. We packed them in boxes as we got them out, and when the guy came out to see what we were doing, Andy slyly hid the boxes around the corner of the trash bin and we departed.

Then we all walked up to Leo's liquors and I made a phone call to my Dad and asked him to bring Brent here, and drop him off in front of the Seagate building. He was reluctant, but said okay. Andy and Skot waited around for Brent, while I went back to that trash bin to see if the boxes were still there.

Well, by the time I got there, I looked around and saw only boxes. I couldn't tell where andy hid them, and I noticed the bin we were looking in had disappeared. The people must have taken it inside. I waited around, but nobody showed up at our meeting place. So I walked back to the parking lot where I left Andy and Skot. Nobody there. So I was walking back to the meeting place again when I found them around the corner of the building - Andy, Brent, and Skot.

We walked home, stopping on the way at a few more bins, and found some glue and its activator, and several multi-sized sodium lamps. We found one whose "bubble" was THREE INCHES across! Now that's bright!

The next day the four of us woke up at about 8:30am and divided up our booty. Scott traded his 30 3.5-inch disks for sixty 5.25's, and left. Then the three of us left decided to go to Borland and look around in the trash there.

Andy's mom picked us up from there and brought us back, and then took Andy home. So Brent and I watched Ducktales and Looney Tunes until Brent had to leave. Then Dad want to the store, so I sat around. Dinner was served, then I came down here and used five of the disks to back up one of my smaller hard-drive partitions.
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