Garrett (garote) wrote,

Those evil tech shuttles!

A conversation late last night:

"Wow. There are a lot of protests scheduled for May 1st this year. Among other things, the 'anti gentrification' protestors are going to shut down the tech shuttle service at MacArthur Bart. That'll show 'em! Hah!"

"Yeah... Why can't people keep the perspective that the working class isn't the one you should pick on - or even the people who take the shuttle instead of driving a car or a taxi?"

"Well, in this conflict, Us Versus Them is apparently all about how valuable your skill set currently is. Which is surprising, because that means it's not about your parents, your politics, your religion, or your friends. It about your career. If it was fashion designers making 150k a year and riding shuttles, people would probably start hating fashion designers. But - what is gentrification about, really? If Oaklanders compel all the tech people to move out, closer to work, most of them will just move to East San Jose. That's a half-hour's drive away. A whole half-hour! What have they accomplished?"

"Not in myyyyyy back yard! A slogan for the upper and lower middle class. People are clawing at the ones just escaping poverty, probably because they listen, and the rich don't."

"Well, I can sympathize with prices going up so much they drive people out of where they grew up. It's what happened to me in Scotts Valley - I'll never be able to afford to move back there, into the redwoods. It's all million-dollar homes now. But ... I'm not going to claim it would be better for me if everyone in Scotts Valley went bankrupt and had to leave town."

"Hah! Why not?"

"When your community's displaced, it's gone. Displacing the one that came after it isn't going to bring it back."

"... I think we should start a website that shows neighborhoods going downhill and into decay so people can celebrate anti-gentrification."

"Hah! Oh man, what would that even look like? I'm imagining a picture of Detroit, with a big sparkly banner across it saying 'WE AVOIDED GENTRIFICATION! WE'RE ALL FESTERING AND DYING TOGETHER - IN ETHNIC SOLIDARITY!'"

"That is so REAL! I'm going to go hang out in that town!"

"If only Oakland weren’t constantly being renewed with waves of money and immigration, it could look like PROUD DETROIT! Nobody ruined THEIR culture with stupid tech money!"


"I know all my neighbor's names, 'cause we grew up and went broke together! And we’re all still here - well except for the ones in jail or dead - the QUITTERS."
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