Garrett (garote) wrote,

Naming decades

I was pondering the sudden lionization of Ronald Reagan that happened a couple years ago, and that got me thinking about the 80's in general. I remember how in the 90's, MTV spun up a video show where they played music videos produced exclusively in the 80's, and they called it "The Big 80's". The single adjective - "big" - seemed to fit very well, I thought. It was a decade of big hair, big shoulder pads, big business, global superpowers brandishing big weapons, and big servings of soda. The cultural zeitgeist was about making it big, in the corporate world or the entertainment world.

So then I thought: Why not come up with some other single-word descriptions for the other decades? Here's my rough list:
  • The roaring 20's
  • The dirty 30's
  • The fightin' 40's
  • The phony 50's
  • The trippy 60's
  • The sparkly 70's
  • The big 80's
  • The electric 90's
  • The nerdy 00's
  • The tricky 10's
Thoughts? Alternates?
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