Garrett (garote) wrote,

Chaos in Skyrim

I took Comedy Wolf to meet the local royalty. She didn't make a good impression...

Her attitude is better suited for adventuring, I think:

Meanwhile, my hourse Daft Wooley tends to wander off when I'm not looking. Sometimes I find him stranded in impossible places, like halfway up a sheer rock face, or on the opposite bank of a deep river. After the fifth or sixth time I developed a theory to explain it.

Daft Wooley is so stupid he sometimes forgets to be subject to the forces of gravity.

Sometimes this comes in handy of course. If you point him in exactly the right direction he will easily gallop right down the side of an 80-degree incline. Then, if you stop him halfway, he will stand upright with two hooves perched on thin air.

He stole my camera once. I found this on it later:

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