Garrett (garote) wrote,

Can't Stop Comedy Wolf

Oh those puns ... So bad they're good. Comedy Wolf strikes again!

Today I went riding over an ice-blasted mountain peak to get some fresh air - of the digital RPG kind, anyway - and in the distance I spotted the temple of the demon prince Mehrunes Dagon. In a big booming voice from the sky, he commanded me to kill one of the townspeople. I refused his command.

He bellowed in rage and summoned two demon wizards to kill me. I slaughtered them, then lifted the key to his temple off their corpses, ran up into the temple, killed all of his disciples, ripped out their hearts (valuable spell ingredients, those), and ransacked the altar, pocketing seven gold bars, a ceremonial weapon, and a heap of rare ingredients. Then I set the temple on fire.

What did the big booming voice of Mehrunes Dagon say after that? That's right. Nothing.
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