Garrett (garote) wrote,

BAM! BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM. vroooooooooom.

Hm. Six gunshots fired in rapid succession followed by a car driving off, less than two blocks away. Someone yelling "I’ve been hit!" to his friends. "Where?" "I dunno it just hurts! Let’s get out of here!" 45 seconds later the sound of cop sirens. Lovely.

Ahh, Oakland! Aside from the imminent threat of violent death, it’s actually a great place.


Just went out and spoke to some guys and girls sitting in a car outside my house.
One girl said "I know who got shot, I think. Friend of mine. Cops say someone got shot in the foot. I think it was him."
She and the other girl had their phones out and were texting. One guy asked me if I saw anything. I told him "six shots fired, sound of a car driving off, dunno it it was them."
The cops have three cars out there, two blocking the section of street where the incident happened. One cop was handling a plastic bag. I suspect he found a used casing, but I didn’t walk up to ask.

Anyway, back to writing code...
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